About Us

The purpose of this website is to pull together information on the history of Guildford and the activities of groups/individuals involved in local heritage. I wanted to create something that was simple, free and which could be used to experiment with ideas. My hope is that ideas tested here might help in the creation of a website for Guildford Museum and the creation of a local heritage hub. It won’t be perfect. Money and time will limit what can be achieve but all ideas are welcome so please feel free to leave a comment.

Guildford has a rich history, fine heritage attractions and many active amenity groups. Sites like the Guildford Past and Present Facebook page the Guildford Dragon, and Surrey Heritage already do a great deal for local heritage. Nevertheless I think we need to do more to bring all heritage activities together in Guildford.


The Guildford Heritage Forum was started in 2015 by a group of people concerned about the future of Guildford Museum. A devastating fire had also just destroyed Clandon House and demand for housing was posing a challenge to preservation of the town’s historic character. The need to understand what makes Guildford special had never been more acute.

Groups and individuals who have been involved in the Guildford Heritage Forum include the/ Surrey Archaeological Society, The Guildford Society, Friends of Guildford Museum, the Guildford Town Guides, local historians, teachers, museum specialists, architects and many more.

Some of the groups associated with the forum also organise the annual Heritage Open Weekend each September in conjunction with Guildford Borough Council.

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