Guildford Musuem

The future of Guildford Museum

We deserve a museum that celebrates our past and promotes our town by serving and involving all Guildfordians.

Guildford Borough Council plans to add a cafe, new gallery and entrance to Guildford Museum. It has launched a public consultation calle "Your Stories, Your Museum".

We can get involved as individuals by contacting We can also respond as a group and on this page I suggest a number of ways. As always please get back with any comments.

Share your ideas

Click here to get started. All ideas are welcome. Just have fun thinking up individual ideas or perhaps describing the type of museum you want. What would you like to see? What services would you like?

Develop a plan

Click here to get started. This is a more structured approach where I hope to organise ideas into a plan or strategy. You are welcome to contact me with your views on particular sections using the links provided.


I am working on a survey to help us understand the types of people who will want to visit the museum and what might attract them. I want to work with the Heritage Team on this in case they have plans for something similar