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The Council has issued a revised plan for the museum and approved funding for the next phase. This is the first official piece of news about the development of the museum since Autumn 2016. Last year was all about "Your Stories". So this is an important step forward.

On 7th February the Council approved a budget for further work on Guildford Museum and on repairs to 48 Quarry Street. Although initial funding was approved for the feasibility study in April 2016, more money is needed to complete the next phase of the project.

Work on the building has been put back from Sept 2018 (in the original Action Plan) to Feb 2020 with an estimated opening in Spring 2021. Nevertheless, having recently met the officers and councillors involved in this project I am convinced they are determined to get this project moving. So I intend to greet this news with renewed hope and optimism but reserve our judgement until we see something delivered.

We all need to come together. People in the town whether historians or involved in the community in other ways have something to offer. At the same time the Council needs to be open to ideas. The Council through the Heritage Service will, of course, have the final say but we need to make sure it has the information needed to make proper decisions.

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Gavin Morgan

13th February 2018

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