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Meeting of Guildford Heritage Forum - 29th Nov 2017

A group of us met this week. Our conclusion was that:

  • The museum extension and refurbishment is a long way off.
  • We do not have the working relationship with the Council that we hoped we might.

For more details on both of these see my report on the museum.

Museum/Community Group Projects

There is, however, much to be positive about.

As said before, the museum is putting on more exhibitions and there has been a big effort to get objects out of store for exhibitions like Stories in Stitch and Take a Closer Look. There have also been some good educational exhibits such as Medieval Machines. 

At the same time, community and heritage groups have been showing that they can make a valuable contribution to the museum in other areas and the Heritage Team deserve thanks for allowing them to do so. The latest exhibition, "Guildford at Work" is staged by the Park Barn based Joining In!- Men's Group and will be followed by an exhibition on Tunsgate by the Friends of Guildford Museum. In fact, that the Friends have been very busy as the latest newsletter shows. The Friends and other volunteers have also worked with Melanie Holliker at the museum on a very professional looking video about the museum buildings. I hope they will use their experience to create more videos for the museum. Heritage Weekend on 9th September was another example of where the community and the Borough work very well together. I shall be busy working on the Heritage Open Days event next September (more next week).


Ideas for a revamped museum

Everyone's goal is for a revamped museum that Guildford can be proud of. The forum has lots of ideas which could compliment, rather than overlap with, the Council's work. We have not done much with them because we hoped we might start working with the Council. Since that is not happening I plan to be more proactive from now on. My hope is that the Council will see what are trying to do and see the potential of us sharing ideas and doing something about them.

The Way Ahead

The museum has a long journey ahead but it is turning a corner and we are not giving up  I shall also be publishing a number of articles on the following topics:

  • Putting Heritage on the Map
  • How Heritage can benefit Guildford
  • Making more of Guildford Castle
  • Telling the Guildford story
  • A Guildford Atlas
  • Guildford history on the web
  • Using collections to tell our story
  • End of WWI events
  • Community Exhibitions

Please spread the word about the forum and get others to sign to on our mailing list. If you not already a member of the Friends of Guildford Museum and or the Surrey Archaeological Society please join by visiting their websites. Both make important contributions to the museum and to heritage in Guildford.

More next week...

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