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Get Involved and Have Fun with History


Every September historic properties across the country open their doors to the public as part of Heritage Open Days. Guildford stages one of the biggest events in the country. With over 100 properties taking part it is frequently in the top five. 

For a few days the town becomes a stage for a wide range of tours, events and activities that bring local history and culture to life.

This year under the slogan "Have fun with history" we want more groups involved with costumed guides, food and music providing colour to the event. If you want to take part please get in touch with us. For more information about the types of activities we want help with read on.

Contact Us at guildfordheritageforum@gmail.com


Be a Costumed interpreter


Every year volunteers help interpret the historic properties. They do a superb job but we always need more people. Next year we would like some costumed characters to add a bit of fun. Would you like to dress up in period costume and act as a guide? Even if you don't want to dress up, you can make a big difference to the experience of visitors by helping to bring history alive. 

We need Musicians and Performers


Music and drama offer powerful ways of bringing sounds, thoughts and words from the past to modern audiences. We are looking for musicians, singers and dancers to put on events around the town or perform in some of the historic properties. 

Take part in a spectacular procession


On the Saturday we plan to stage a spectacular procession up the High Street featuring many of our costumed volunteers and other groups. It is an opportunity for living history groups, drama societies, schools, community and heritage groups to have fun and promote themselves.

Bring history to life


Do you belong to a living history or drama group? Do you own an historic vehicle or own a collection of historic items you want to show off? Are you an expert in old crafts you would like to demonstrate? Let us know.

Give us your ideas

We are limited only by our imaginations. Do you have other ideas for celebrating history or publicising heritage related projects you have been involved in? Heritage  touches us all in various ways. Whether it is a talk, exhibition, event or performance let us know about any events that will coincide with Heritage Weekend and we will help you promote them. 

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