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Those of us wishing to help Guildford Museum have a number of important roles. I think there are three areas in which we can help:


Things we can do

  • Take an intelligent and enquiring interest in what is going on
  • Offer our experience
  • Galvanise support through our own projects

Taking an intelligent and enquiring interest in what is going on

It is a tricky thing to do. We need to be patient but not complacent. 

  • Patience is required because things take time and we need to give the team the space they need to get on with the job. We are fortunate that after a rocky start the museum has a team behind it with a lot of experience.
  • However, we must not be complacent either because things can go wrong. People leave, things change. Indeed, the treatment of the SAS proved that nothing can be taken for granted and that some councillors can act in ways that defy common sense.

Getting the balance right requires good communication to build trust, clarity over our objectives, confidence to speak out when things don’t seem quite right, a willingness to listen without taking offence, and above all a supportive, friendly culture where we put the final goal above our personal preferences. 

Offering our experience

Museums are complicated things and must draw on a range of disciplines – historians, archaeologists, archivists, artists, teachers, actors, IT professionals, musicians, story tellers, fund raisers, marketing and communications experts. The list can go on.

 We cannot expect the small team on the council to have all the experience they need. Here we can help with the wide ranging experience we all have in many fields. I have already tapped into the knowledge of some of you on a number of occasions. One of my objectives is to increase the membership of this group so that we increase the breadth of our experience available to this project

 I am pleased about the plans to create a development group and a fundraising group. Hopefully we will know more about these by the start of next year at the latest.

Galvanising support through our own projects

Finally, through our work in local history we are uniquely placed to galvanise support and interest in the museum project. This is crucial if it is going to be a successful community asset. If the only people who use it in any numbers are tourists, then we will have missed a great opportunity for our town.

So as we look towards the new year there is plenty for us to do to make Guildford Museum a success

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