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Great news! Guildford Museum will stay where it is. £2.5 million will be invested in an extension in the garden which will be opened to give direct access to the Castle Grounds. This will allow the museum to attract many of the 400,000 visitors to the castle grounds. There will be a cafe, toilets and new displays.

The report into the museum was submitted to the Executive of Guildford Borough Council on Tuesday. I attended the Council meeting and spoke in support of the report along side the Guildford Society and Friends of the Museum who also spoke. We all held our breath until the report was given the final nod. You can read the full report on the Council Website: http://www2.guildford.gov.uk/councilmeetings/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=132&MId=174

This is great news and well done everyone for your letters, thoughts and opinions. I have continually fed them to the council to remind them of the public interest.

Perhaps the greatest cause for optimism is that after the initial headaches the Council has appointed an enthusiastic team who are totally behind the museum. A development group will be set up comprising of community groups like the Friends of the Museum, SAS, Guildford Society and us. It will hopefully also represent other groups such as teachers and amenity groups. Public involvement and creating something the whole town values is a goal that is very close to my heart. It will be a challenge but this is the right approach.

It has been a long process, often painful and protracted but at least we now seem to be heading in the right direction.

And talking about painful and protracted processes, negotiations continue with the SAS. Here too I hope there is cause for optimism. The eviction has been postponed to July so there is still time for find a resolution.

What next? Let's breathe for a moment and start to plan for a better museum. There is lots to do and lots to think about. But ideas and support are always appreciated. It will take at least 2 years for a new museum to appear but in the meantime we need to think ahead and keep the museum in the public eye.

 You can read the full report on the Council Website:http://www2.guildford.gov.uk/councilmeetings/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=132&MId=174

I have uploaded the main sections to this site (see below)

Museum Review Action Plan

Museum Review Financial Report

Museum Review Main Report




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