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About this site

The Guildford Heritage Forum is a group of individuals interested in heritage issues in our town. We came together in August 2015 when it appeared that Guildford Museum was under threat and this has been the main issue we have followed.  I created this website to store information and links.

There is a small group of us which meets to discuss issues. Emails are sent out every month or so to everyone and many people reply with helpful comments.

More Information

We agreed the following aims at a meeting on 22nd June 2016 

  • The Guildford Heritage Forum is, as the name suggests, a forum i.e. gathering of different groups interested in the museum who aim to work together
  • There is no formal constituion or committee
  • Individuals are free to share their views via the Site Owner (Gavin Morgan). Their views might not necessarily reflect everyone  on the group.
  • Occasionally we will issue a joint statement which does have the widespread support of everyone on the Forum Mailing List
  • We aim to engage with the Heritage Team and influence the future development of the  Museum 
  • We will monitor the work of the museum development team, share its thinking with GHF and feed ideas back
  • We wish to create a programme of supporting, publicity, events, projects and fundraising to increase public engagement and support across the community

If you wish to join us please sign up to our mailing list or email me directly at the address below.

Gavin Morgan

Guildford Heritage Forum (email: guildfordheritageforum@gmail.com)